Unit P.5 (Round 3)
Electromagnetic Radiation

How do we use radiation in our lives, and is it safe for humans?

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Unit Resources and Lesson Documents

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Unit Resources 


How does energy transfer through a wave?                                                                                                                        


What happens to the energy of the microwaves when they reach the window?                             


Why do some substances (and mixtures) heat up faster than other materials in a microwave oven?


How are we using ionizing EMR in a way that is safe and how can we protect ourselves while using it?                                    


How does a microwave oven use electricity to make microwaves?                                                                          


What happens to all the energy that is being transferred into the space inside the oven by microwave radiation?


What other types of EMR are there and how do we use them?


How can the same type of EM radiation that we use to heat our food also be used to communicate across long distances?

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How do microwaves heat up food?


How do changing electric and magnetic fields function as a wave to transfer energy from an antennae?


Why do we see the hot and cold patterns we do in the microwave?                                                                      


Why does higher frequency electromagnetic radiation harm living organisms?

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What about 5G, is it safe?