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Unit P.3 (Round 5)
Collisions & Momentum

What can we do to make driving safer for everyone?


Unit Resources and Lesson Documents


Unit Resources 

Unit Overview Materials (Unit Overview, NGSS Elements, Teacher Edition, Student Edition)


How does being distracted affect whether or not you will avoid a collision?

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Is there a similar mathematical relationship between the masses and the changes in velocity for two objects in any other collision conditions?


How could features of modern vehicles reduce a person’s likelihood of serious injury in a collision?

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How do we optimize safety for all the different kinds of vehicles that people drive?


What can we explain about how we can use physics to reduce driving risk?


How does speed affect whether or not you will avoid a collision?


Is there also a quantitive relationship between the change in momentum, force, and the amount of time the force acts on an object?


How do safety features affect the forces over time on a person during a collision?


Should we make all vehicles bigger because that will also decrease the forces on the occupants in a collision?


Why is driving safer today than it was ten years ago, even though the number of vehicle collisions has gone up?


How does the speed (and the mass) of the vehicles in a collision affect the outcome?


Can our models be used to explain real world scenarios involving quick stopping times and vehicles of different masses?

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How does the rigidity and length of the crumple zone influence the safety of the occupants during a collision?


What can we do as drivers, passengers, and residents that could make driving safer for everyone in our community?

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