Unit Overview 

Unit P.1 (Round 1)
Energy Transfer from Earth's Systems into our Communities 

How can we design more reliable systems to meet our communities’ energy needs?

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Unit Resources

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Unit Resources 

Unit Overview Materials (Unit Overview, NGSS Elements, Teacher Edition)

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What can we learn about electricity from the infrastructure in our community?

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How does energy transfer in wires?

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How can we make decisions about the way we source energy for our communities?

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What decisions do we need to make to design a more reliable system to meet our community’s energy needs?

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Could the blackouts in Texas have been caused by a broken or short-circuited circuit?

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What happened to the energy sources during the Texas Energy crisis in February 2021?

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What are some of the monetary, environmental, and social costs of storing electrical energy to use later?

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What have we figured out, and what can we carry forward?

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What can we learn from a blackout in Texas about producing reliable energy for our communities?

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Where is the energy coming from?

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What could have caused the disparities we saw in the blackouts in Texas?

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Can we store energy from wind and solar for later using something else?